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PGA Auctions and Collectibles is located in beautiful Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. We continue to bring value to the possessions of many of the personalities living here on Florida's East Coast.

PGA Auctions and Collectibles has a very practical background in the assessing, buying and selling of "old" things.

You will get the facts and a good picture or pictures and honest representation. We never knowingly list a reproduction or fake as genuine. We have a good feel for what is being reproduced in the antiques world and how to spot it.

Because we want happy, informed customers, we also include category glossaries which we hope you will find helpful, as well as links to other sites such as collector societies and hallmark encyclopedias. In this way, we hope that you will return to PGA Auctions and Collectibles again and again.

Some of our customers have given generously of their time to educate us on their particular collections.

We hope you enjoy your visit to PGA Auctions and Collectibles

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