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Frequently Asked Questions

How private is my information?  At no time does PGA Auctions hand out, sell, rent or by any other means, make our client listing available to anyone. All client information, including E-mail addresses, purchase information, etc. is kept strictly confidential. Since we only accept credit cards through PayPal.com, we do not have access to any of your credit card information.

How do you acquire the items?  Most of the items in our auctions are acquired from estates or from individuals. We thoroughly research potential acquisitions before making offers, and base our opening auction on the current market value.

How reliable are the representations of items on your site? We pride ourselves on the accurate, detailed descriptions and quality digital photographs provided of each item. Wherever possible, we thoroughly research each item before listing it . We also base our prices on current market values, by constantly checking comparable sales on the Internet and in stores.

I am interested in consigning something to you for sale. How do I proceed? Just email us at inquiry@pga-auctions.com and indicate the type of item you may be interested in consigning. We generally accept consignments for one item or whole estates. You get the benefit of our expertise and the millions of potential buyers drawn to our site and eBay.com. We work with you to determine a fair market value for your items. Consignment fees and our Commission fee schedules are based on the type of item consigned. For additional information, please visit our Fees page or email us at inquiry@pga-auctions.com, or call (561) 935-4800.

Who handles the shipping and charges for items I consign to you? Once you have consigned an item to us, we take full responsibility for the shipping of that item, once sold, and the related cost. There is no action required on the part of the consignee.

How fast will I receive payment for my item? Once your items are sold and paid for we will pay you, minus our fees, within 10 days.

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